Salim Ali Bin Haider Garage - Keeping you on the road since 1970
Keep your car in great shape with our scheduled maintenance service. A quick pit stop with us will get you back on the road in no time - with all necessary maintenance done: oil change, new oil filter, air filter or cabin filter, new spark plugs and brake pads, or even reconditioned brake discs and changed brake fluid!
Whether you are moved by a W12 twin-turbocharged monster, or a zippy 4-cylinder 1.6L Japanese clockwork, we've got the medicine that will make it tick like new.
Does the A/C smell bad? Or it's blowing hot again? Don't worry - our mechanics can bring the Siberian winter to your car in the sizzling heat of the Dubai summer.

Meet the mechanics that care!

Service available in the UAE only! Tel. 050-5350770 E-mail: rizwan [@] cars-clinic [dot] com

Get your car repaired or serviced at one of Dubai's oldest independent workshops! Since 1970 we have been offering personalized car repair services, great customer experience and value for money, as well as a viable alternative to the expensive and often overbooked dealership service centers. After all, we are the mechanics that care!

Why service with us?

  • Everyone - from the mechanic, to the workshop manager, are there to answer your questions and help you understand what's going on
  • Fast service - we will try to get you back on the road as soon as possible
  • We use the latest professional computer-based and electronic diagnostics tools
  • As a wholesale buyer, we procure spare parts at substantial discounts from the official importers of genuine spare parts
  • We do not just blindly "replace" everything that the diagnostic computer shows as faulty - in fact, on a number of occasions customers were quoted a large bill of materials (in the thousands) by a "qualified" service center, only for us to find out that the source of the problem was a 50-dirham sensor
  • We are still practicing that long-forgotten by some mechanics art of "repair" instead of "replace"- of course, where safe, feasible and possible
  • We use genuine spare parts, OEM replacements and performance parts from manufacturers such as Bosch, Bilstein, Brembo, Febi, Denso, K&N, Edelbrock, Takeda, Hayden, and many more tried and verified sources
  • Did we mention the great value for money?

See us in action on TV

Our expert advice has been featured in this episode of a Dubai TV talk show - watch Mr. Rizwan Ali, Worskhop Manager, providing useful tips for second hand car buyers!

To Our Customers

What really makes us happy is the smile on the your face when you receive the car after service. Certainly, we would like you to experience that yourself, but here is a factual, verifiable customer testimonials:

The Audi dealership wanted more than AED 25,000 after my timing belt caused some serious engine damage. I called Rizwan and after testing the car he estimated AED 3,000 in total repair costs, and it ended up at AED 3,200 due to some extra work I wanted done on the car. Just brilliant!

-- Brian Smith, Umm Suqeim 1 - Dubai

The guys from the workshop came to my office in the morning and picked the car from the parking lot. I've reached the service interval and wanted the normal stuff - break pads, oil, filters. The car was back to the parking lot before the lunch break - and surprisingly, the guys have managed to track down and fix a rattling noise that has been driving me crazy for weeks! The dealer couldn't find that problem because they didn't have the time to drive the car around and test, but these guys have done it! Thanks!

-- Jonathan, The Greens, Dubai

If your dealer or agency is charging too much, call us and we will beat that price by as much as 50%, and we'll use the same genuine spares that the official dealership is using!

If the quote on your repair is higher than the value of the vehicle, call us and we'll try to help you - either by getting the car fixed at a lower rate, or by buying the car from you!

For Corporate Clients

We offer comprehensive car fleet management services that will significantly decrease your vehicles' out-of-service average times. Our preventive maintenance program offers measurable results and short ROI intervals by offering a single point of contact, by minimizing the amount of time your employees spend on managing service operations, by minimizing the amount of time your vehicles spend at our service center, by providing fast and efficient roadside assistance and by carefully planning your fleet management operations.